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Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Get Real Estate Free Assistance


A message to a prospective buyer

I am anxious to discuss with you some common but major errors and challenges of real estate investors of which you can avoid or possibly make a correction before it is too late.

My name is Ola Agbaje i run a real estate company , being the Managing Director for over a decade i have experienced countless complaints from prospective clients and subscribers on almost the same recurring issues and as such i have decided to give it more attention and help people with similar challenges with advise and i have come up with a lasting solution.

Several among the challenges are :

1. Fake Survey , most people have fallen prey to fake surveys , not knowing that the surveyor never did proper documentation at the appropriate Government offices . The buyers wouldn't even know that the survey with them is a mere drawing because it wasn't registered , you need to verify and confirm if a survey is genuine or fake.

2. Most subscribers buying land from Estate companies have not gotten a proper documentation of their title and may eventually end up not having anything at the end of the day , several don't have a Letter of Allocation, Deed of Lease , Deed of Assignment, Survey, Contract of Sales Agreement duly signed and properly documented. This is very risky. They may lose the property , the sales could be a scam , they may eventually be relocated and the land may be having problems which the developer may never disclose unless you unravel it at the subscriber risk . It's important to get informed and follow up with proper documentation after making payment for a property.

3. After purchase from an individual , company or Landowners (omonile) most people failed to process and register their land titles for C of O, Governor Consent , Allocation Letter etc , eventually in the future government may end up demolishing properties for roads , rails and government projects but if you already have a registered title you would be compensated adequately, one can never tell what the next Government might do , it happened severally and its still going to happen so you need to register your landed properties to secure your investment.

4) Most people have bought land and houses without confirming the status of the land, maybe it is a free land to buy or a Government no-go land for private use , eventually homes have been demolished and land confiscated by government agencies , it happened in Abuja and Lagos and other states .This is a major challenge to several investors when you buy properties in urban areas , it's important that a buyer get details of the property before making payment .

5) Town planners have demolished homes and properties that encroached on road setbacks , ocean setbacks , High tension wire setbacks , rail lines setbacks , canals, lagoon setbacks and several other limitations set by the government before building a property , unfortunately most sellers take advantage of the ignorance of the buyer and sell these properties that would most likely be marked for demolition in the future . It is mandatory to know the status of your land or property before buying and if you have bought, get more informed on the future of your property .

6) How many buyers think it is important to get building approval from the government before construction ? but very few, If they had sought approval they wouldn't have built the structure and it wouldn't have collapsed or been demolished . It is penny wise pound foolish building an edifice without approval especially in urban cities . The cost of getting the approvals are not outrageous and it takes less time to obtain it if you're dealing with experienced hands on the job. These little things could save a lot of money ,stress ,time and life. Always make sure you get it done at the right time .

Finally , just to help matters ,I have designed the quickest way to solve most of these identified issues among several . We can assist you to Do It Yourself (DIY) we would open a discussion with you and guide you through the process at a zero cost .Also we can assist you partially by linking you up with officials and professionals who will assist you to achieve your desired goals ,finally we can take over the case fully with our professional team to profer solution to the issue at hand and deliver successfully .
You can follow this link to fill the "Solution Request Form" and await our response .

Thanks for your time, i look forward to be of utmost assistance to you
Ola Hakeem Agbaje


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