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Showing posts with label #business #userexperience #nigeria. Show all posts
Showing posts with label #business #userexperience #nigeria. Show all posts

Friday, 27 August 2021

Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait. – Will Rogers

Buy real estate and wait

This is a tough decision to make and you will agree with me that naturally men are impatient in nature ,we strive to get quicker result of whatever we chose to do,and this is a major weakness that have worked against most of us in business and investment . 

 If possible we would love to have kids and have them graduated from high school by 9 years and make them adult by 11 years except that the world system does not permit and it is unnatural but men in their quest for haste have invented machines and equipment's to accelerate "Time" these inventions have met Waterloo and self destruction all in name of human impatient to beat "Time". The get rich quick syndrome , but one can  needs to exercise patience to enjoy investment benefit like what we have in my Houseample page   #business  #userexperience  #nigeria

All we want is buy company stock today and sell at 500% profit in 7 days, we do not have that time to wait because we need to move the money faster for a quicker profit, and as such we always miss the financial windfall when it occurs, because we had already moved away from the spot.

50% of the clients i have come across in the last 15 years were skeptical and pessimistic to buy a properly,and eventually most failed to buy.

All they try to scout for are the shortcomings of the property ,they hardly look for the brighter side of it, but for those who are patient to listen, i do advise them to ignore whatever they see today and focus on the brighter side and most of them have continued to thank me for the great advise.

Someone would ask "Will this area ever develop?" as if the cities we live today were like that 20 years ago. Another one would say " I want something that is fully developed" ironically at a price the property was sold 10 years ago.

The most ridiculous one would say "Tell the owner i cannot buy at his price except if he is ready to sell at the price i offered him" amusingly, this sounds funny because you wanted to pay the exact amount the property owner paid to acquire the property 5 years ago, eventually most buyer get scammed wanting to buy with this impossible offer. I wrote an article similar to this 5 years ago , you can find it if you follow this link ...

The lesson here is that to make money in real estate investment you must exercise "Patience to wait" and see your investment grow. Buy now ,wait a little longer like 5 years to make profit from it.

Overlook the current price you are being offered because its cheaper than 5 years later, overlook the current rent value it would be cheaper to the next 5 years rent, overlook the current state of development in the area and community it would be better in the next 5 years when others move in to stay.

Never underestimate any property today because tomorrow it would be out of your reach if you don't act smart. - Ola Agbaje

You Can Connect with me

My name is Ola Akeem Agbaje a real estate professional and a business Consultant here in Lekki Lagos Nigeria. Over the past 15 years in the field, I Have assisted my clients with richly advise that have helped them bring into reality their Real Estate dreams and i am still willing to do more if given the opportunity.

Ola Akeem Agbaje
Managing Director
AGHAO Ventures
Address: Suite 285 Ikota Complex 

For Inquiries +2348055522183

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