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Monday, 25 October 2021

10 Most Beautiful Cities In Nigeria (2020 Compilation)

10 Most Beautiful Cities In Nigeria (2020 Compilation)
#Beautifulcities#Nigeria#Africa Join my email list so that you won't miss out on new videos: In Nigeria, a state (Hausa: jiha, Igbo: ȯra, Yoruba: ìpínlẹ̀) is a federated political entity that shares sovereignty with the federal government. There are 36 states bound together by a federal agreement. The Federal Capital Territory is not a state and under the direct control of the federal government. The states are further divided into a total of 774 Local Government Areas.[1] Under the Nigerian Constitution, states have the power to ratify constitutional amendments. The Nigerian traditional states predate all the modern states but have no legal or administrative powers 1.Abia 2.Adamawa 3.Akwa Ibom 4.Anambra 5.Bauchi 6.Bayelsa 7.Benue 8.Borno 9.Cross River 10.Delta 11.Ebonyi 12.Enugu 13. Edo 14. Ekiti 15. Gombe 16. Imo 17. Jigawa 18. Kaduna 19. Kano 20. Katsina 21. Kebbi 22. Kogi 23. Kwara 24. Lagos 25. Nasarawa 26. Niger 27. Ogun 28. Ondo 29. Osun 30. Oyo 31. Plateau 32. Rivers 33. Sokoto 34. Taraba 35. Yobe 36. Zamfara As sovereign entities, States of Nigeria have the right to organize/structure their individual governments in any way within the parameters set by the Constitution of Nigeria. Legislature[edit] At the State level, the legislature is unicameral, with the number of its members equal to three times the number of legislatures it has in the Federal House of Representatives. It has the power to legislate on matters on the concurrent list. Executive[edit] At the State level, the Head of the executive is called the Governor, who has the power to appoint people to the State Executive Council, subject to the advice and consent of the State House of Assembly (Legislature). The Head of a ministry at the State level is called a commissioner, who is assisted by a permanent secretary, who is also a senior civil servant of the State. Judiciary[edit] The Judiciary is one of the co-equal arms of the State government concerned with the interpretation of the laws of the State government. The Judiciary is headed by the Chief Justice of the State appointed by the governor subject to the approval of the State House of Assembly nigerian, nigerian music, nigerian comedy, nigerian movies 2019, nigerian music 2019, nigeria news, nigeria gospel music, nigeria vs egypt, nigeria election, nigeria anthem, nigeria action movies, nigeria africa, nigeria attack, nigeria airport, nigeria argentina, nigeria action movies 2019, nigeria airways, nigeria air force, nigeria army training, a nigerian, a nigerian movie, a nigerian wedding, a nigerian song, a nigerian woman begging in canada, a nigerian couple, a nigerian beggar in canada, a nigerian man buried in his car, a nigerian accent, a nigerian oresegun olumide, nigeria bmx, nigeria basketball, nigeria boxing nigeria beats, nigeria beach, nigeria blues, nigeria best music, nigeria breaking news, nigeria biafra war, plan b nigerian movie, harry b nigerian movies, sky b nigerian music, r&b nigerian music, tiffany b nigerian, harry b nigerian actor, cardi b nigeria, mummy b nigerian movies, flat b nigerian movie, plan b nigerian, nigeria comedy movie, nigeria christian music, nigeria city, nigeria christian, nigeria comedy 2019, nigeria country, nigeria christian movie, nigerian comedian, nasty c nigeria, tv c nigeria, nigeria c, c nile ft nigeria, nigerian movies c, nigeria decides, nigeria documentary, nigeria debate, nigeria dance video, nigeria dj mix 2019, nigeria dancing, nigeria dj, nigeria drugs, may d nigerian music, graham d nigerian music, winky d nigerian wedding, graham d nigeria, nigeria coup d'etat, nigerian music d'banj, nigeria vs cote d'ivoire 1994 d j nigeria, d voice nigeria 2018, nigeria election results, nigeria economy, nigeria election postponed, nigeria elections 2019, nigeria egypt, nigeria election live, nigeria election 2019 result, nigeria election update, nigeria election today, e money nigeria, e kelly nigerian producer, e commerce in nigeria, e-money nigeria youngest billionaire, e square nigeria music, nigeria new e passport, e money nigerian music, e money gang nigerian movie, e money nigeria net worth, e passport nigeria, nigeria funny movies, nigerian films


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